A new company was founded back in 2006, somewhere in Sweden. What was their goal: create a streaming platform for music. Don’t buy a single track, but listen to all music available, for just one contribution per month. The name of the company: Spotify.

Oh, by the way: the company name was created out of the words: Spot & Identify.

The Company

In 9 years time, the company grew from 2 employees to 350 employees. Spotify grew from 0 users, to 50 million users, and is now one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world. Not only the ability to listen to all the music is unique, also the use of playlists. Every user can create a playlist with their favorite songs and share it with friends.

Together with this new phenomenon, there came a new marketing tool for record companies. Spotify made it possible to broadcast commercials, and these commercials made it possible to promote certain artists or playlists. For example: when I listen to The Script, chances are that I also like the music of One Direction, and in that way you can create very efficient commercial strategies.

Sony Music

Record company Sony Music saw their possibilities and created their own playlists, eg. Sunday Morning / Top40 / Coffeehouse / Dance, to attract the attention of their users. Every month we produce several Spotify audiobanners for Sony Music to promote their playlists. Check the ‘work’ page to listen to some Spotify banners.